Formed in 2009 ICT Analytics has developed a toolbox of utilities to gather information about your IT systems. Armed with this information you can make informed decisions about your IT infrastructure and apply science to your datacentre operations decisions. Our tools help datacentre managers review the infrastructure for consolidation, migration and cost saving benefits.

We can cut your costs by analysing your current usage, understand over-provisioned storage and systems. Right-size your compute requirements whether in your own datacentre or in a cloud environment for cost savings and efficiency. With our comprehensive utilities we can tell you exactly what your compute and storage requirements are. We can also identify storage that is incorrectly tiered, and areas where tiering can dramatically reduce your overall hosting costs. If you are paying vendors to provide your infrastructure usage, or metered billing, basis we can give you the information you need to ensure they are working to provide the best value for you.

If you’re migrating applications, systems, datacentres we can provide the science behind your decisions. If you’re consolidating let us show you where cost-savings can be made and how to avoid potential pitfalls that will compromise successful delivery.

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