Backup & Recovery Analysis Modelling Service

Backup & Recovery Analysis Modelling Service (BRAMS)

The Backup & Recovery Analysis & Modelling Service (BRAMS) collects information from backup systems. This information is used to report on overall backup performance and business workloads, and profile your backup environment maximising technology throughput for optimal backup – and recovery – reliability and performance.

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In the period up to 2011, IDC estimates 1,150 Billion Gigabytes of storage capacity will be shipped to businesses worldwide, helping them to cope with an incredible 10x growth in the digital universe over the same period.

As well as having to support these ever increasing data volumes, every organisation faces a growing number of Data Protection challenges including:

  • Meeting increasing compliance requirements for retention and encryption
  • Decreasing backup windows
  • Meeting recovery time objectives
  • Backup & restore reliability
  • Making multiple backup copies
  • Responding to individual restore requests
  • Reducing operational & management costs
  • Planning for capacity growth
  • Providing coherent Disaster Recovery strategy

A key issue is maximising the use and efficiency of existing infrastructure, particularly in optimising the use of high‐speed sequential media such as tape.

The other key factor is that there are a growing range of Data Management Approaches and solutions which can be exploited including:

  • Backup to disk
  • Data de‐duplication
  • Snapshot for instant backup and Restore
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Virtual Tape Libraries
  • MAID disk technology

In summary, the key challenge is to select and deploy the optimal mix of technologies to meet these increasingly complex business requirements.