Data Migration Service

Click here to download further information on data migration.Data Migration Service (DMS)

To support the constant growth in data volumes, and introduction of new storage technologies, every organisation faces the challenge of data migration in some form or another. Typical examples include:

  • Data migration from one type of storage array to another
  • Data migration from one vendor array to another
  • Deployment of a new data centre over metropolitan or geographical distance

Whatever the requirement, physical data migration can be both time consuming, and high risk, as any form of data loss or extended outage can be catastrophic to a business.

The key challenges include:

  • Data migration needs to be on‐line
  • Be completely transparent to connected servers
  • Provide in‐flight parallel testing
  • Allow a fast transition or cutover, and simple regression

In summary, Data Migration activities are typically discrete projects to deliver business benefits and costs savings, and are therefore ideal to outsource to specialised services.